5 favorite timeless car racing movies

5 favorite timeless car racing movies by a racing expert

Sundays are typically marked by a lengthy drive with family and friends. By now, Christmas movies abound on TV and online channels. But, for those who can’t make it to the Grand Prix, here’s my own choice of the best movies and series featuring car racing icons. Car acing movies belong to a unique subgenre of sports films that aims to transform the exhilaration of pressing engines around a racetrack or along ordinary streets into live performances. I won’t grant which is the greatest. But I’m certain that every film on my list is deserving of a spot.

Let the show begin.

Taxi Driver (1976)

The way taxi Travis Bickle glides through the dark, foggy streets, illustrating an image of Hell as they slide by his windshield, is central to this exploration of loneliness, lunacy, and brutality. In the manner which it forms an apparently impenetrable barrier between Travis and the entire world, and in the manner which the characters entering his taxi, each in their own manner, pierce his feeling of belonging. This isn’t simply a car film; it’s the everlasting automotive film.

Cars (2006)

Pixar had already achieved success with films such as Toy Story and The Incredibles. They ventured into auto racing through Cars in 2006. Cars drew racing lovers, but it also pulled celebrity status like Owen Wilson and Paul Newman, as well as a younger public with its animatronic approach.

But, don’t forget, it also had appearances from a couple of NASCAR celebrities and commentators. So it walked the fine edge between commercial popularity and becoming a classic film in the racing subculture.

Fast & Furious (2001)

Fast & Furious taught a whole generation in automobile modifications and street racing. The film captured the rebellious aspect of racing out of motorsport. It gave birth to some of the most well-known cinematic series ever made. Many people think that the film was the basis for Need For Speed Underground, which used to be EA Sports’ greatest video game.

The Fast and Furious franchise has a fast-paced tale centered on street racing. The Honda S2000, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Toyota Supra, Mazda RX-7, and more are all featured in the movie.

Grand Prix (1966)

This Formula 1 movie was the first massive racing motion picture to enter theaters. It’s about 3 hours long and contains far too much of the storyline that comes into a track season. The racing sequences are wonderfully immersive, inventive, and the on-car cameras bring the audience straight into the race. At Monza, the climax finish up in a final title fight, with 

James Garner was the shining star and a number of great side characters. Jessica Walter, Yves Montand, and the renowned Toshiro Mifune were cast as side characters by director John Frankenheimer pretty late. Racers at the time make cameos as well, including Graham Hill, Jim Clark, and Dan Gurney. 

The cinematography was the major hook here: those on-car images. Whether alongside the steering, on the front of the vehicle, or facing the racers’ face, are very immersive. Aerial views, including an especially exciting scene that follows the shoreline of Monaco’s Grand Prix course. As well as camera angles positioned up from behind the racer, tracking them into the battle, are all timeless highlights.

Le Mans (1971)

Steve McQueen mainly planned to produce Le Mans as a response to Grand Prix (1966). Something that he regarded as overly extravagant. As an unrelated note, McQueen was frustrated that Garner defeat him to the motorsports hit. He would infamously mess within The Rockford Files’ actor’s plants because he lived right above Garner.

So little conversation was said in the opening half an hour. And even though most of the film actually happened throughout the 24-hour race. This movie was so immersive that almost seems like a documentary. Various dramatic accidents manufactured by the team contribute to the realism. They genuinely crashed the course of the racetrack in the film instead of just being stuffed in the scenes just for show.

Senna (2010)

The documentary follows the incredible career of Formula 1 icon Ayrton Senna. The movie focuses on his skilled, and sometimes ruthless, racing talents. It also portrays supporters’ and the public’s affection and devotion for him both on and off the racetrack.

Although, during the third match of the 1994 Formula 1 season, we lost Ayrton Senna on the Imola Formula 1 raceway. At the time, he was driving for Williams. Senna’s sympathetic character made an indelible mark on people’s minds, including mine.

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